Starting A Raw Food Diet

Eating Raw and Vegetarian Just Might Save Your Life

Are you considering starting a raw food diet? Have you heard that a vegetarian diet is better for you? Are you motivated by the hope of weight loss, or more energy, to cure a health problem or to just sleep better at night? All of these motivations are excellent reasons to start eating living foods. The more you eat raw and vegetarian, after all, the more energy, stamina, mental acuity and happiness you will experience. Just how does eating raw and vegetarian do all this for you, and how can you convince yourself or a loved one this is the way to go if they are used to dining on Kobe steak and fried potatoes every day.

A raw food diet, first and foremost, is not a boring tasteless diet. Many people erroneously believe that they have to eat salads for every meal and that is a limitation on their lifestyle they just are not willing to make. A raw food diet doesn’t mean you just eat raw fruits and vegetables, although these will be prevalent, but you also will dine on soups, smoothies, nuts, legumes, sprouts, and herbs. If you’ve never tasted herbs from other parts of the world, like the Mediterranean, India or the near and far East, then you are missing out on some of the most incredible flavours imaginable to the human palate. Great raw food cooks know how to incorporate delectable flavours in dishes so that you will never miss a cooked meal again.

Another misconception with a raw food diet is that you have to only dine on cold foods. While raw foods are never cooked above 115 degrees, they can still be served warm, and this ensures that the important nutrients and enzymes in them are not destroyed. One of the best ways to lose weight is to eat raw for a few months. You will watch the body shed unnecessary fat (which is usually full of toxins) as if it can’t get rid of it fast enough. When you start to add in cacao, the raw form of chocolate and acai to your meals, it feels like you are eating like royalty, and you won’t feel starved and irritable, but full and life at the same time.

If you are considering eating vegetarian instead of a 100% raw food diet, then you will still eliminate all forms of meat (although some vegetarians still consume small amounts of fish, milk, and eggs) and replace it with meat-substitutes like seitan, soy, tempeh, or tofu. Ideally, though, your meals will consist primarily of leafy greens, vegetables and fruits of every colour of the rainbow, and nuts, beans, whole grains, spices and herbs. If you also want to eliminate dairy you can drink soy, almond or coconut milk instead. A vegetarian diet is often considered a step on the way to eating vegan, or completely raw, but you can work towards either of these diets slowly, giving your body time to adjust to the new habits you will form for better health.

Eating raw or vegetarian has some significant health benefits that are now being reported in scientific studies in numerous peer-reviewed health journals. It is said that vegetarians live an average 3.7 years longer than meat eaters and those who consume processed meats like hot dogs can expect to die an average of two years sooner. Vegetarians are 65% less likely to suffer form heart attack and as long as you don’t rely solely on carbs to fill you up, you can expect to buck the obesity figures coming out too. Nearly one-third of the United States is obese and 17% of children are now overweight, so if you were hedging against eating a raw food diet or vegetarian diet, even your doctor can’t argue the benefits of eating this way anymore.

Eating raw or vegetarian is also better for the environment, especially when you purchase local, organic foods from a farmer’s market or community operation, called a food co-op that sells organic foods from farms within a short distance of your city. Organic farmers keep harmful pesticides out of land, water and air, and local growers diminish the need for expensive shipping and the pollution that is caused by bringing a truck load of food from the Atlantic to the Pacific. If you can’t eat local and organic completely, then start small and demand organic foods at your local grocery store. You can vote with your dollar. Even big box stores are catching on and offering more organic fruits and vegetables. Instead of packing on the pounds by eating processed junk, start to add raw and vegetarian options. You won’t regret it and neither will the planet.

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