Raw Food Diet Benefits – What Are They?

Raw food diet benefits start with eating whole foods, this is myriad to change your body and mind. While any raw food diet should begin with an emphasis on organic raw foods, due to the overuse of GMO and pesticides by agricultural and pharma companies, you can begin detoxifying your body with food. You don’t need expensive medicines to keep your body healthy and disease-free. You just need to start eating more whole foods. Once your body is less inundated by materials that is was never meant to incorporate into itself, you will start to feel revitalized in a number of ways.

One of the best raw food diet benefits is the loss of excess body weight. Did you know that your body stores all those chemicals that you have consumed, often through no fault of your own, via the air, water and food you eat, in your fat cells? The body is so smart that it tries to hide away toxic substances in your fat so that it can harm you less. It is also stored in the water of your body, but when you dispel either of these, you also release countless toxins for every pound of weight you lose. Eating healthy, whole foods automatically triggers the release of toxins called POPs or persistent organic pollutants, which are stored up in your cells over time.

When turning to healthy food to eat in order to lose weight, you should consider that the body will not allow too many toxins to be released too quickly, as it could put your body into shock as they move through your body to be excreted. A raw food diet will help you to release these toxins as fast as possible without triggering a healing crisis. You can add to the efficacy of a raw food diet by adding organic coffee enemas, since they help to support the liver and other internal organs responsible for breaking down toxins in fat before they are released.

Eating whole foods will also help to clear your mind. In the same way that reducing toxic fat to your body gives you more energy and vitality and restores your base-line weight it also resets many functions in the brain and hormonal system. Toxins can make you fat and tired, but also depressed and listless. There are opiate-like chemicals in the brain which are responsible for making you feel happy and well-balanced. When these opiates or their receptors in the brain have been damaged due to toxic shock, namely the overindulgence of unhealthy eating and a sedentary lifestyle, it is nearly impossible for your brain to make enough seratonin and melatonin, important happy-making chemicals for your body. Eating raw foods actually increases the bodies ability to make these important natural opiates. The result is that you feel happy, hopeful and eager to face the world, instead of dumbed down and numbed to death.

Raw foods are those that have not been cooked past 115 degrees, and are primarily organic fruits and vegetables. You can also incorporate seaweed, nuts and berries, whole grains like quinoa, and spelt, legumes and beans, and especially sprouts since the nutritional value of any sprouted seed is exponentially greater than just a seed in its unsprouted form. Make sure you eat fruits and vegetables primarily, and that they are of every colour of the rainbow, since every colour of food will help support different systems of the body, such as the cardiovascular system, excretory or respiratory system, etc. You will notice that you naturally want to eat less junk because you are filling your body with actual nutrition instead of empty calories. These raw food diet benefits are another way that you will start to lose weight.

Be sure you also rest while detoxifying your body with raw foods and give your body the chance to heal itself from years, if not decades of toxic consumption. Drink water and be active, but perhaps go on long walks while you are just starting a raw food diet instead of doing a full out run, so that your body and its systems can get used to eating raw. While it is good for you, it can take the body some time to adjust to this better way of treating itself. Go slow and then enjoy the results.

You can start eating raw foods as a portion of your overall diet, keeping non-raw foods as a mere addendum to your daily caloric intake, but the more raw you eat, the faster you can expect to look and feel. A raw food diet may be a radical shift in your lifestyle, but the results are worth it, and much less radical than being satisfied with sickness, depression and lethargy. The above are just a few raw food diet benefits. Eat raw and revitalize your life.

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