Detoxifying Your Body – What You Need To Know

Organic Foods are the First Step in a Body Detox

Detoxifying your body is one of the most important things you can do to improve your health and well-being. An acidic, clogged body not only makes it difficult for you to maintain a healthy body weight, it can also lead to depression and disease. Unfortunately, even if you eat well and exercise, we live in a post-industrial society replete with toxins. They are in our foods, our cleaning products, our air, and water and even in our bathing and beauty products. Did you know for example, that traditional cleaning products used to keep your home tidy have over 75 different toxic chemicals, and that since World War II hundreds of chemicals have been emitted into the environment via the products we use and the infrastructures we have built? Body cleansing has become more important than ever due to our collective practices to date. While there are several more intense purifying practices, you can begin with eating organic foods.

detox-dietOrganic foods are natures medicine. It is estimated that eating raw, organic vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs and sprouts could sustain you so well that you wouldn’t ever need to eat another burger or processed food item again. In fact, this kind of detox diet has been used to cure ailments as diverse as fibromyalgia and arthritis, seasonal allergies to digestive disorders like colitis and even, in some cases, to aid in the curing of cancer. Aside from disease prevention, eating organic foods can help you to clean the liver, large intestine, small intestine, bladder and kidneys, gall bladder and even the blood, heart and lungs. Detoxifying your body through the internal organs, is easier when you eat corrective foods full of life-force and phytonutrients which support the immune system and overall functioning of the respiratory, excretory and nervous systems.

Did you know, for example, that spinach and kale are full of DHEA, a naturally occurring hormone which supports a better mood and better focus, or that pumpkin and grapefruit can help to rid the body of parasites accumulated in the bowels? Eating just a handful of goji berries every day and drinking green tea can ensure that your blood sugar stays stable and that you get all the important amino acids your body needs for its optimum health and vitality. Detoxifying your body begins with the foods you eat, and can be as simple as making a green juice every day, or stopping for a wheat grass shot at your local health food store. It can take a few adjustments to your lifestyle habits, but they are worth it.

You can also get rid of plenty of toxins by drinking pure, distilled water. Unfortunately, water from many municipalities is full of chemicals, and Harvard Medical School has even recently admitted that flouride essentialyl dumbs us down, so why would you want to drink water that steals your intelligence and vitality? You can purchase an inexpensive filter, and drink water more than any other beverage, and you will not only alkalize the body, but help the cells in the normal process of cellular respiration, which includes ridding the body of excess waste.

Another great way to detoxify the body is to exercise. Fat holds onto many of the toxins in the body, in fact, that is where most of them are stored. For every pound of fat you lose, you are also letting fo of years of accumulated toxic waste. Move every day. Swim, jump, run or play outdoors. Don’t let the lack of a gym membership stop you.

The next step in detoxifying your body is to do some serious spring-cleaning. You can try a master cleanse, as outlined in yogic and Ayurvedic sciences which involves practicing some yoga asana, and drinking a mixture of sea-salt water, warmed gently, but consumed in large amounts. The osmotic pressure that builds up in the cells due to the salt water helps to draw out even more impurities and cleans you out from the mouth, through the throat, esophagus and stomach and all the way down into the bowels. The recipe differs from one tradition to another, some containing lemon and garlic, others using pure sea-salt and warm, distilled water, but the effects are essentially the same. You start out clean as a whistle, completely cleaned out from mouth to anus. You must drink the full 8, eight-ounce glasses of salted-water or lemon-garlic juice until you excrete only clear water. This method as an adjunct to eating organic foods will leave you so energized you’ll feel like signing up for the next triathlon and writing a best-selling novel all at once.

Body cleansing can take many forms, but start with the simple stuff. Eat better. Detoxify your body with whole, organic foods and limit the intake of processed, fried and fast foods. They are deadly. Spend time basking in the sun, walking in nature and laughing with friends. Cleansing your heart and soul are good too.

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